New: 3 packs « special CBD » to discover in our store!

New: 3 packs « special CBD » to discover in our store!

New at CBD Shop France! 

In order to allow our most recent customers to discover CBD and our regular customers to get our flagship products at a lower cost, we have designed original packs adapted to all types of consumers. 

Whether you are a fan of CBD flowers, a user of oil or a fan of resin, you will find your happiness among our different formulas. 

1. The CBD « Survival Kit » pack

If you don’t know CBD yet and you want to test its effects on your body, our CBD « Survival Kit » pack is for you. 

For the sum of 20 €, you get access to 2 g of Colombiana, a CBD Shop France grinder and a package of Bears candy. 

This combination is ideal for beginners. With its spicy and slightly fruity taste, Colombiana Haze is the classic variety par excellence. In infusion or in a recipe of kitchen, it will allow you to make knowledge gently with the CBD thanks to its reasonable concentration (from 10 to 12 %). 

The grinder will be an efficient ally to grind your flowers and obtain an optimal consistency according to the consumption mode you will have chosen to adopt. The sweets that you will find as a bonus in your package will finally accompany you in all your outdoor travels with their irresistible flavors pleasant to enjoy at any time of day.

2. The CBD Idyllic pack

Our CBD Idyllic pack has been specially designed for consumers convinced of the benefits of CBD on the body and mind. 

It consists of a Full Spectrum CBD oil and a relaxing organic infusion. These two wellness products are unanimously approved by our regular customers who have fully integrated cannabidiol into their daily routine. 

Full Spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids found in the hemp flower. A few drops under the tongue, possibly diluted with a little honey to soften the taste, are known for their soothing properties. The same goes for the Relax BIO herbal tea, which is particularly appreciated by insomniacs and people under stress. Like an ordinary herbal tea, this fruity beverage will relax you deeply and help you feel better in the long run.

3. The Top Hash CBD pack

Let’s finish this selection with our Top Hash CBD pack, an exclusive combination of the best CBD resins from our online store. 

With 1g of Afghan, 1g of Nepal, 1g of CBG hash, 1g of Amnesia hash, 1g of Triple Filtered and 1g of Double Zero, you have enough to make the tour of the world of the varieties of canabidiol at a price defying any competition. 

Beware, these products are characterized by their high concentrations of up to 57% and are therefore reserved for a public of connoisseurs. Guaranteed without crystals of CBD and without isolate, their purity is on the other hand a true pledge of quality.

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