CBD Isolate and CBD Crystals: Why it’s not the way to go

CBD Isolate and CBD Crystals:

why this is not the preferred solution

When choosing a CBD product, and in particular a CBD oil, it is important to understand some basic differences that relate to the active elements present in your product.

The main thing is to know if you turn to an oil that will allow you to benefit from the contributions of all the cannabinoids present in hemp or if you only want a limited contribution, by « isolating » only the CBD of your product. We explain everything in detail!

What is a CBD isolate? 

CBD Isolate is precisely what its name suggests: an isolated form  of CBD extracted from a hemp plant. This means that it does not contain THC (0%), other cannabinoids, active compounds or any other material present in the hemp plant.

Depending on the extraction process, CBD produces a fine powder – similar to confectionary sugar – or large white crystals, which is why you sometimes hear  « CBD crystals. » The CBD isolate powder should not contain any odor or taste, as all other components of the plant have been removed. 

However, 2 major problems appear when talking about CBD isolate or CBD crystals:

  • CBD extraction: this process, which consists of isolating and detaching only the CBD from the hemp plant, can be done in several ways. While CO2 extraction remains the most respectful method, many CBD isolate products on the market are actually extracted through chemical methods, which may include the use of solvents. 
  • The absence of « 
    the entourage effect
     » present in case of complete use of the hemp plant.

The « entourage effect », an important concept when you choose your product

The entourage effect is one of the most striking discoveries concerning hemp plants and their compounds. 

The entourage effect is the idea that the different components of hemp act synergistically to create unique beneficial effects together. Extracts produced from the whole hemp plant increase the effectiveness of its health benefits, which is impossible with isolated compounds, such as CBD isolate or CBD crystals.

There are hundreds of components in the hemp plant. Among these, three main groups contribute to the entourage effect. These are the phytocannabinoids (plant cannabinoids), which determine the effects of « feeling » or « body effect ».

Terpenes/terpenoids and flavonoids determine the aromatic components of your product.

Choose a « Full Spectrum » product to benefit from all the benefits of hemp

You understood it, to benefit at best from the contributions of the plant of hemp in its entirety, you will have to avoid the isolated formulas (isolate of CBD or crystals of CBD). 

On the contrary, you will have to turn to « Full Spectrum » products. These are the products that will allow you to benefit from the « entourage effect » described above, and thus get maximum benefit and well-being from your product. 

If you’re a CBD flower user, you benefit from this entourage effect, but if you decide to go with a CBD oil, go for a Full Spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Shop France is proud to sell some of the purest Full Spectrum oils on the market. Benefiting from an extraction « super critical » respectful and carried out with CO2, our oils enable you to benefit fully from the effect of entourage by consuming a legal product, answering perfectly the French standards as regards THC (-0,2%).

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